Set in the distant future and within a society that depicts a distorted version of our current world, Choke Hole is the most popular form of entertainment, regularly broadcasted to millions of viewers. What began as a justice system for solving disputes between the absurd citizens of Choke Hole, grew into a gladiator-esque cultural and capitalist phenomenon. As a multimedia entertainment experience based in New Orleans, Choke Hole places a queer lens on the traditionally machismo world of wrestling, using drag and queer performance to intensify the inherently flamboyant and camp elements of professional wrestling. Choke Hole combines lip sync performances, choreographed wrestling matches, acting, character building, and pre-recorded »backstage drama« videos to create a fully immersive nightlife experience. With CHOKE HOLE VS. HAMBURG QUEENS, they are developing a special Kampnagel edition of their show together with drag and queer performers from Hamburg and Berlin, including numerous Kampnagel companions such as PREACH, Dancing Svensation and Gieza Poke, just in time for the opening of the season. 2021 Kampnagel Season Opener.